Consider all your wardrobe troubles SOLVED with this Cambridgeshire Stylist!

Consider all your wardrobe troubles SOLVED with this Cambridgeshire Stylist!

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You may be thinking that having a Personal Stylist is only for the rich and famous, right?

Well, we’re here to prove you otherwise, with Ros Giles, a Cambridgeshire based Personal Stylist!

Ros was the Brand Director of Austin Reed in London, before deciding to chase her dream of having her own business and filling a true gap in the fashion market, particularly within Cambridgeshire. 

Created from a vision and an abundance of ambition, RG Styling was born. 

We’ve all had moments of despair when stood toe-to-toe with the wardrobe wandering what on earth we should wear, haven’t we?

“I literally have no clothes”… “Nothing fits me properly”… “I need a new wardrobe” are all phrases that spring to mind when expressing our troubles.

Most of us are unaware that, professional help is actually available, when we’re stuck in these situations. 

Well your troubles could be solved with the extremely knowledgeable advice of RG Styling. 

RG Styling are a Personal Stylist Agency, that offer a number of services, aimed at women of all ages, to help you with your personal styling requirements including; wardrobe re-styles, concierge service (wardrobes delivered to your door), shopping trips and tailored packages to suit your individual needs.

With RG Styling you’ll be able to dress your body shape to ensure that you’re glowing with body confidence and positive mental health too.

Working with Ros, you’ll also become extremely efficient at shopping and you’ll stop buying things that simply hang in your wardrobe forever, unworn. In addition your problems of not knowing what to buy in the shops will also be solved with this unique service.

The best bit about this service, is just how accessible it is for absolutely anyone. Costing as little as £40 per-hour, you’ll feel like a film-star without the A-list prices.

To find out more about RG Styling and how they can help you, please click HERE and to get in contact with Ros, click HERE

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